• Temba - Tibet

  • Suleman - Libya


'' Photographier c'est mettre sur la même ligne de mire la tête, l'oeil et le coeur.''

henri cartier bresson

I have chosen REPORTER as a platform to express and visually display an integral part of a series of experiences in travel and photography. This environment offers a catalogue of specific time capsules where a traveler enters a dimension into the human spirit and its relative condition. An honest moment in time where people come together in somewhat simplistic settings and for the most part a first encounter into different cultural backgrounds.

Applying still and somewhat traditional photography, or so often referred to as '' old school '' imagery, is a brief segment of the human dynamics reflected and captured in the modern world. Blending a fixed black & white photograph with modest words drawing us closer and more profoundly into the elements of the Photo Reportage.

Despite today's technological reality and the way the world has become intertwined, we are still so far away from each other. Travel has become more accessible in this day and age and the numbers are significantly larger then in recent years. Photography has itself given most of us a wonderful opportunity to express and display an artistic vision of, and to the world. This however should not explain the misconceptions we have built within our personas, but on the contrary have blended a thought process more conducive to understanding and tolerance.

  • What is happening to our world..
  • What energizes the traveler in us today..
  • What brings the photographer to a better understanding..

Travels and Photogaphs to be continued..