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“A person in a landscape bigger than the human condition. Visually sharing the feeling of guiding people and himself out of normalcy into something from which we never return the same. “

Marcel Mueller is a professional travel photographer, experienced guide, speaker, teacher and world traveler. After more then 25 years of extensive travel around the world, he has created a prolific collection of images dedicated to Asian philosophies, Middle Eastern civilizations and the hardship and beauty of the African soil.

The sense of wanderlust is something that has been ingrained in him since he was a young child and still remains to this day. Driven by an awe of all world cultures and the timeless beauty of natural landscapes, Marcel continues to explore the four corners of the earth to preserve and share his experiences through photography. His visual catalog and artistic approach offers a glimpse of what our world has to offer and a peek at its people. Characterized by the curiosity for humanity and the simple beauty of the lands we walk on, his work conveys his genuine interest in seeking out and capturing authentic connections with the people of the lands he visits.

Published in magazines and online, Marcel has exhibited in North America, Europe and Asia.  Based in Montreal, this Swiss/Canadian photographer utilizes photography and travel with the intention of bringing consciousness and to touch mankind, while exposing the beauty of our planet and its people..

Travels to be continued..