BAOBOB AVENUE / by Marcel Mueller


Blown away by observing a setting in its natural state, this is pretty much what happened .. 
These shots were taken last May, when I had returned to Madagascar. The country had grown up and the people were as charming, curious and friendly as ever. You could feel the winds of change, blowing across the island. The only thing that had given some vision for the future is a stable government since January 2014's last election, and hope that this impoverished country would leave behind a tragedy of continuous coups. 
Despite a heavy historical past and difficult times, optimism seemed to appear again. For a photographer in Baobab avenue, this was a magical moment. The only problem was which side to shoot. In front the sun setting among these quiet giants and behind another spectacular and unbelievable sight of the full moon rising beside the majestic baobab. I gave it everything and tried my best to get it all. The magic only lasted 20 minutes or so before darkness showed up and it was time to leave. Complete tranquility laid over the horizons.