AURORA BOREALIS / by Marcel Mueller

     This is my first experience, my first contact. This is the first time I photographed the Aurora Borealis .. My ISO 1600, the fear of a grain too big, 20 - 25 seconds of opening, shit the sky moves too fast, too much blur. Finally I capture, and I can fully feel the energy that twirls into the afterlife. A dance and cries of joy and wonder accompany my exhibition.

How? It's simple right?

During a solar storm accompanied by a magnetic storm, an influx of charged particles, ejected by the sun, collides with the shield that constitutes the magnetosphere. The phenomenon occurs when the particles emitted by the sun electromagnetize above the stratosphere. They thus cover the sky with phosphorescent draperies that can stealthily reproduce on their edge all the colours of the spectrum. These high energy electrified particles can then be captured and channeled by the lines of the Earth's magnetic field on the night side of the magnetosphere and end up in the polar horns. In short, I will see on my return what my images look.