NUNAVIK / by Marcel Mueller


Nunavik, Nunavut, the Polar Circle, The Great North .. 
What is and where is this place? 

     Nunavik is simply the third largest of Canada's largest province, Quebec. An isolated arctic tundra landscape submerged in a rich lush miniature flora, where the Inuit have settled and made their home from the beginning of man. Here time and scope have no limits. 
In my travels, the desert of Libya, Namibia and Yemen spread wide, the endless rolling hills of South East Asia's golden triangle are dense, and the mighty Himalayan tibetan plateau far and wide. Nunavik offers vastness and a feeling of infinite space, something true I had never encountered.
A photographic journey summoned me to the 58 parallel to document the great caribou migration. 400,000 +/- heads drifting southwards in sync with their environment and seasons. I saw two only, and was too far to get a decent shot. Are there still still many laws when the government is still hungry to shoot and kill two bucks per license? 
And despite a certain disappointment to see more, my last few days I discovered along the shores of Ungava Bay - The Muskox.